Things to Know About RavenRidge Family Farm

Regenerative CBD Products

We care deeply about the quality of the products we produce, and this shows in how we create these products from the time the seeds go in the ground until the products reach your hands.

Read on to discover the most important ways RavenRidge Family Farm products differ from the rest.

RavenRidge uses CBD from hemp grown on our farm (estate grown) following Regenerative Farming practices

Our hemp is grown on healthy, living soil, with no exposure to herbicides and pesticides. We strive to grow our hemp within a vibrant and diverse living ecosystem allowing the plants to be exposed to the natural stresses they would experience growing in the wild.

Visit our Why Regenerative Matters page to learn more about our farming practices.

RavenRidge uses DEA Registered Labs for all testing on its products

It is important to know that the tests being performed on CBD products are reliable. To assure this, RavenRidge uses DEA Registered Labs. The full list of DEA-certified labs is here.

RavenRidge is committed to transparency.

We post all of our product test results so you can easily confirm safety and potency of the products, and we provide pricing/mg of CBD to facilitate price comparison and value.

Visit our storefront to purchase CBD products here.

RavenRidge Regenerative CBD products contain no residues

There are several methods for extracting oil from hemp flower. Some methods use compounds such as Butane which can leave harmful residues. RavenRidge's extraction process uses carbon dioxide which leaves no residues.

RavenRidge Regenerative CBD products contain no heavy metals

The hemp plant is very efficient at extracting heavy metals from the soil. Even soil containing minimal amounts of heavy metals can produce hemp CBD oil with significant levels of heavy metals, so we test our CBD oil. View our Heavy Metal testing and be sure to read the Farm Doc's post for more on hemp and heavy metals.

RavenRidge Regenerative CBD products contain no dangerous mycotoxins.

RavenRidge takes precautions to minimize the risk: we follow Regenerative Farming practices to raise healthy plants; dry and cure our flower immediately; and store it in a controlled environment until the CBD oil is extracted. However we still test it. View our Mycotoxin testing and don't miss the Farm Doc's post on hemp and mycotoxins.

RavenRidge Regenerative CBD products are tested for CBD potency

All CBD products should be clearly labeled with the amount of CBD contained, and the test result should correlate. You can find our sublingual and salve product testing here. To learn more read this post from the Farm Doc.

RavenRidge Regenerative CBD products are tested for THC potency

Many CBD products contain small amounts of THC. Even small amounts can be detected on drug screening. Products are frequently mislabeled as containing no TCH, so If you are subject to drug screening, check THC test results to confirm.

RavenRidge Regenerative CBD products are made with Full Spectrum Extract.

Full Spectrum Extract contains all of the biologically active compounds produced by the hemp flower.

There is increasing evidence that, for most uses, products made from a Full Spectrum Extract containing all of the flower’s cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids is more beneficial than product made with CBD Isolate. This is called the Entourage Effect.

RavenRidge Regenerative CBD salve contains Argan Oil, a skin penetration enhancer

CBD is not water soluble. It cannot penetrate through the skin to the underlying structures, like joints and muscles. Argan Oil is an absorption enhancer that allows CBD to penetrate through the skin to the deeper structures.