Why is CBD product testing important?

Being a relatively young industry, regulations and enforcement are a work in progress. In a rush to turn a profit, some organizations are behaving unscrupulously in regards to consumer health and wellness.

This is not how we do business.

To ensure that any product you are purchasing is safe and contains the amount of CBD claimed, look for third-party testing on the product batch you are purchasing.

Cannabinoid testing

With RavenRidge products, you can easily correlate the amount of CBD on the label with the amount of CBD shown on the test for that product, as shown on the 600mg Sublingual Oil ( 10mg/ml ) test pictured below:

This is an image of a product cannabinoid test with the amount of CBD circled.

Finding our Product Tests

We provide links to each product's testing in the descriptions on our online store.

This image show where you can click on the product details page to see product testing.

After purchase, you can find your product's lot number on the packaging and click the matching number in the table below:

2020 - Full Spectrum Hemp Product Line

Product NameLink to Testing
300mg Sublingual Oil ( 10mg/ml )Lot# 100
600mg Sublingual Oil ( 20mg/ml )Lot# 101
900mg Sublingual Oil ( 30mg/ml )Lot# 103
.5% Topical Salve ( 5mg/ml )Lot# 105
1% Topical Salve ( 10mg/ml )Lot# 104

2021 - Regenerative CBD Product Line

Product NameLink to Testing
300mg Sublingual Oil ( 10mg/ml )Lot# 2021112
600mg Sublingual Oil ( 20mg/ml )Lot# 2021113
900mg Sublingual Oil ( 30mg/ml )Lot# 2021114
1200mg Sublingual Oil ( 40mg/ml )Lot# 2021115
1% Topical Salve ( 10mg/ml )Lot# 2021116
2% Topical Salve ( 20mg/ml )Lot# 2021117

To learn more about cannabinoid testing and hemp products, read the Farm Doc's post on CBD Content.

Heavy Metals and Mycotoxins

As with any plant growing in soil, whatever is in the soil can also be in the plant. Click the links below to see the safety test results from our product lines:
YearMycotoxinsHeavy Metals
2020mycotoxins testheavy metals test
2021mycotoxins testheavy metals test

In tests for the presence of something you don't want, None Detected ( ND ) is what you want to see.

This image shows that the capital letters ND stand for not detected on our product mycotoxin and heavy metal reports.

To learn more about the risks of using untested hemp products, read the Farm Doc's posts on Heavy Metals and Mycotoxins.