Product FAQS

Growing and Manufacturing

What growing practices does RavenRidge use?

At RavenRidge, we follow regenerative agriculture practices. We do not use any petrochemical-derived fertilizers, nor do we spray any synthetic pesticides or herbicides. As needed, we manage pests and nutrient deficiencies with naturally derived materials ( i.e. alfalfa, kelp, manure, etc. ).
We welcome questions about how we grow, and why we grow the way we do. To ask us something, or to schedule a time to come out to the farm, email

Does your product have any residual (left over) solvents?

No. The only "solvents" used in our extraction process are heat, pressure, and carbon dioxide in either solid, liquid or gas form. None of these leave residuals.

Can I view product laboratory tests?

Of course! We have each batch of product tested for CBD content/dose to confirm the dosage on the bottle. We also test our hemp flower to confirm it is free of mycotoxins and heavy metals. These results are also available on our website. We do not test for pesticide or herbicide residue because we do not use pesticides or herbicides on our farm, and our planting locations are chosen to avoid any possible drift from neighboring areas.
For more information visit our product testing page.

Hemp, CBD, and Full Spectrum Extract

Is hemp derived CBD safe?

Hemp derived CBD that is produced, packaged and labelled appropriately is considered safe, but you should consult your Health Practitioner if you have any concerns. Our products are free from residual solvents, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, mycotoxins and other known contaminants. They are derived from healthy plants growing in healthy soil.

Can CBD products show up on a drug screen?

CBD will not show up on a drug test for THC, however many CBD products, including ours, contain a trace amount of THC which, although legal when below 0.3%, can potentially still show up on a drug test. Many products market themselves as being THC free, but independent testing has frequently detected trace amounts. It is a good idea to consult with your employer before taking CBD products, if you have concerns about testing.

What dosage of CBD containing product should I use?

You need to discuss the dosage you take with your Healthcare Practitioner. Most people take 5-40 mg of CBD/day.

With what frequency should I use CBD containing products?

You need to discuss the frequency with your Healthcare Practitioner. Most people use sublingual products 1-2 times per day and topicals on an as needed basis.

What are some additional sources of information on CBD?

RavenRidge Products

What is the difference between Full Spectrum Extract and CBD isolate?

The hemp plant produces over 100 compounds that have been shown to have health benefits, including cannabinoids, terpenes (essential oils), and flavonoids. Full Spectrum Extract contains all of these beneficial molecules produced by the plant. CBD isolate contains only the CBD molecule. RavenRidge Family Farm products are made from Full Spectrum Extract.

Why does RavenRidge Family Farm use Full Spectrum Extract instead of CBD Isolate?

Studies indicate there is more benefit from taking nutritional supplements made from Full Spectrum Extract. This is referred to as the Entourage effect.

What is the entourage effect?

The entourage effect is the idea that there may be more benefit from taking a solution that contains all the molecules a plant produces, rather than from taking an isolated molecule. RavenRidge Family Farm's products contain several beneficial cannabinoids in addition to CBD, including CBC (cannabichromene), and CBG (cannabigerol). Our products also contain terpenes and flavonoids produced by the plant.

Why does RavenRidge offer 2 carrier oils?

  • Our CBD oral spray/drops use either Organic Olive Oil or Organic Hempseed Oil as a carrier. Both can be sustainably produced with low environmental impact. Olive Oil is high in healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, and anti-oxidants, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Hempseed Oil is high in healthy Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, and also has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Both oils are healthy, and Full Spectrum Extract mixes well with either, so we recommend choosing based on which oil you prefer the taste of. If you haven’t tasted Hempseed Oil, we would recommend you taste it prior to ordering.

Why does RavenRidge offer flavorings?

Our recommendation is to not add flavoring. That said, Full Spectrum Extract has an earthy/grassy taste, and many people prefer to add a small amount of flavoring to change the flavor to something they prefer. We use natural flavors from Apex Flavors ( developed specifically for use with CBD based oral products. We currently offer Peppermint, Licorice, and Orange Cream flavoring.