Customers and community members tell us that our stories, and how they weave together, are an integral part of why they choose to support our farm.

We would like to share those stories with you.

From the higher points of RavenRidge you can see the surrounding view afforded by the location of this place.

There is a place in North Carolina,
in the morning shadow of a mountain
the Saura Native Americans called Jomeokee.

"The Great Guide" Artistic rendering of the iconic shape of Pilot Mountain, North Carolina.

It was carved by Mother Nature from the shores of the Iapetus Ocean, father to the Atlantic;

This place was gifted to them, and the people lived in harmony with the land for many generations, gaining sustenance from its abundance.

Time passed ...

Artistic rendering of Cooks mountain, an exposed bluff within nearby Hanging Rock State Park.

... eventually the surrounding area was settled by foreigners. The land changed hands many times until it became a small family tobacco farm.

It was still considered the most beautiful and abundant land to be found in the shadows of the mountain, and it was a good place to raise a family.

The lovely oranges and reds of a sunrise over Pilot Mountain as seen from the porch of the Big House at RavenRidge.

The fertile fields provided the owners a good living, but over time, both the land and its owners wore out, and their children moved on.

Those who were left retired to a small corner of the property where they remain to this day.

In this photo, Mr. Needham, the previous landowner, repairs part of a farm implement.

New Owners, Renewed Purpose

In 2007, Richard and Michele purchased that worn out farm and became its stewards. They took their time to learn the lay of the land, and they nurtured their committment to recover the diversity and abundance that once thrived here all on its own.


Soil Enthusiast • Family Physician • Skeptic • Grandfather

As a primary care physician, I observed and treated the effects of modern life, disconnected from the natural world. Read Richard's Story


City Girl in the Country • Artist • Educator • Grandmother

Bringing the soil back to life brings continued life back to us.Read Michele's Story

This Seussian-esque flower was drawn by Nathan on a medium-sad day. But it is only happy now.

Introducing RavenRidge

That first fall, a cacophony of flocking Ravens presented the name: RavenRidge Family Farm

This image shows the original RavenRidge sign with the knob of Pilot Mountain in the distance.

Enter Cynthia and Nathan

Artistic rendering of Sauratown mountain outside of King, North Carolina. Home of Hidden Springs Horse Farm When the time came for the Wheeler's son Nathan to again settle, after spending some hard years reconnecting with the natural world, he together with his wife Cynthia took on the task of farming the land at RavenRidge. For her part, Cynthia brought a wealth of crucial prior knowledge and experience as an animal caretaker.

They have burrowed deep into this new, yet ancient way of managing land. Combining a deeply compassionate style with the newest science around what makes regenerative agriculture work.


Mother • Gardener • Massage Therapist • Horse Woman

It’s all connected: the soil, the living organisms above and below ground, our food, how we treat each other and the world around us.Read Cynthia's Story


Unlikely farmer • Environmentalist • Web Developer • Father

Hemp in and of itself is not agriculture’s salvation. The way humans choose to grow hemp could be. Read Nathan's Story

A quick nod to Hidden Springs Horse Farm

Beautiful sunsets are not exclusively the domain of RavenRidge as seen here heading out the driveway from Hidden Springs

Cynthia and Nathan also manage a second farm called Hidden Springs, on Cynthia's family land at the base of Sauratown mountain. Here is where they live, tend the forests, and raise and train animals of all kinds ( including two children ).

The Short of It

The ambition for RavenRidge is to turn the land management pratices of the past into possibility for a brighter future.

We raise and graze animals with compassion.
We grow hemp following regenerative practices.
And we make CBD products from that hemp.

We run all sorts of animals in our production areas, mostly in the off season, like these hogs prepping a section in late 2018. Here we show happy hemp plants in the same terrace where the hogs were the previous year.

But read on and you'll see, there’s so much more to our story than that.

The Rest of the Family

We'd be remiss not to mention at least some of the other folks who have contributed to the farm. As with any endeavor, it wouldn't be possible without support.

Grandma Hunt

Grandma lives on the farm and has been involved from the beginning. She carried chicken poop from vine to vine at the original grape planting. She has seen animals of every sort come and go. And although she did spend much of her youth on a farm, she certainly never expected to spend her final years on one too!

Grandma Hunt holds a young goat at Hidden Springs. Grandma Hunt helping weigh in the hemp harvest with Nathan and little Willy watching on.

In her ninth decade, Neva is still helping out wherever she can and has weighed in as many buckets of hemp as anyone over the past three years.

Thank you Grandma Hunt. We love you.

Grandkids, Cousins, Nieces and Nephews

Richard and Michele have two other children who, along with their families, have helped out whenever possible. Their creative minds, young backs, and constant encouragement have made life easier.

Given the situation with Covid in 2020, we could only have a brief outdoor celebration for the holidays this year. Here we are all masked and spaced.

The Other Brother, and Borrowed Land

This brother belongs to Richard, so he's uncle to half of us. Ernie and his wife Cathy, standing on the tree trunk in the picture above, run their own successful farm business out of a small plot of land adjacent to RavenRidge. They are educators and homesteaders, and they help with the animals when no-one else is around.

The logo for borrowed land farm is a squid combined with a mushroom. Youve just got to see it.

The spent substrate from their mushroom business is one of the core ingredients in our hemp growing soil!

Spent mushroom substrate is a key component of building our healthy soil.

The animals

Last but not least, there is the menagerie of animals that travel from farm to farm, doing what they do best.

The hogs are rooting.

The chickens are laying eggs and eating bugs.

The cows are grazing contentedly.

And the horses ... well, they are just hanging out waiting for a scratch.

This artists depiction shows Cooks wall at Hanging Rock State Park, visible from Hidden Springs.