The Farm Doc's CBD Guides provide evidence based information for Physicians, Health Care Providers, their patients, and folks using or considering CBD.

List of Guides

Information Sheets
(written for clinicians)
Printable Guides*
CBD and the Endocannabinoid SystemOne section of the What to Know pamphlet.
What to Know about CBD
What Patients Need to Know About CBD Products
Product Comparison Tool
One section of the What to Look For pamphlet.
What to Look For in CBD Products
How to Take CBD and Adjust the DoseOne section of the Take CBD pamphlet.
How to Take CBD and Adjust Your Dose
* Guides are designed to be printed front and back, flipped on the short edge, on letter size paper and then folded in thirds.
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These guides are written by a Family Physician with 28 years of clinical practice, turned Regenerative Farmer.

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Why we made these guides.

In 2019 a Gallup poll found that 14% of Americans use CBD products, and given the increase in CBD sales since then, its likely that number has gone up. This has created a “wild west” market for unregulated products, with a lot of hype, making it difficult for folks considering trying CBD to find reliable information that can help them make decisions about whether they should try it, how to find a high quality product, how to use it.

Richard, the Farm Doc, knows from first hand experience how challenging it can be for clinicians and patients to have a fact based conversation about the latest cure-all in this kind of environment: to get past the hyperbole, and have a discussion about what we do and don’t know.

He wrote these guides to assist Physicians and other clinicians, patients, and folks considering taking CBD in getting past the hype, having these conversations, and making well informed decisions.